Remember when the quality of music was judged by the raw force of a band's dynamic, as opposed to corporate sales charts and overproduced recordings? Well just in case the world may have forgotten, Mojo Radio is here to remind you.

Mojo Radio group shot

Mojo Radio group shot

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Here is what people are saying about Mojo Radio.

Blues Rock Review gives the album RISE a 9 out of 10. "This is the album that ought to compel everyone to rise up from their pop radio induced slumber and take notice of these four hard rocking blues guys from Wisconsin."

RISE nominated for ALBUM OF THE YEAR - 2014 WAMI awards

Musik Reviews (Germany) says,"They satisfy with their harmonious / coherent songs, handwork,  and mostly because of their not allowing themselves to be limited by the blue tones." (Belgium) says about RISE, "the blues rock of the seventies has clearly left traces on this CD" 



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